The best way to get a team aligned with your company culture.

About Nailted

Understand, motivate and boost the performance of your team by adopting a feedback based culture.

Nailted features

????Recognition through claps Weekly cycle to improve recognition between people. With Nailted, Mondays are less Mondays

????????‍♀️One-to-one pulse Am I doing things right? What others are thinking about me? Encourage short and non intrusive feedback loops so everyone will know how to improve

????Pulse survey With our built-in metrics & questions based on Google Research you’ll be able to understand which are the weak points of your team

????Check-ins Run campaigns asking to understand each person's progress, career, motivation, values, alignment...

????Feedback inbox Integrated with the pulse survey, you’ll have a formal channel for your team to communicate with your company, optionally anonymous

????Continuous improvement We give you a set of articles that you can use to improve your team's metrics, so you will be able to implement effectively solutions.

Nailted screenshots

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