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About Agilean

Manage your agile projects with a Agilean. One-Stop solution for all your project needs. Agilean gives you everything you need to stay in sync with other team and reach your goals. The easiest way to manage team projects and tasks.

It is highly customizable and user-friendly tool, able to set your automated Kanban work-flow process in 2 mins with "50 Built-in templates"

Agilean is the work management platform helps teams to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business by adopting automation.

Agilean features

SCRUM and KANBAN board for Visual and clear overview of your tasks Single dashboard for all projects Drag and drop tasks between columns easily Limit your work in progress to be more efficient Horizontal Swimlanes Import Boards Tasks, subtasks, attachments and comments Automated Actions EPICs, User Stories and backlog management Sprint Plan Sprint backlog Visibility Scrum board for each sprint Create, Edit and Move Card Burn-down charts for each sprint KANBAN-Boards & Gantt Charts Bird eys view on complete project Identify Impediments Identify the response strategy & Response plan Perform the average risk of the project Share Response plan & strategy Impediments to each release & Sprint Monitor, control and close the Impediments Risk scattered charts sprint to work directly on risk mitigation. Scheduled meetings with ROBO Project wised meeting Set agendas and simplify meeting minutes Automated voice to text conversion Classified meeting minutes as ACTION POINTS, DECISION and KEYNOTES Automated follow up on all action points Real-time collaboration instantly share all your meeting minutes the second

Agilean pricing

5 USD per user per month.

Agilean screenshots

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